July 17, 2013

All You Need

It's been a doozy of a week here. One of my daughters had surgery on her nose for a deviated septum, which compared to many surgeries is minor, but was still quite an ordeal none the less. Poor little critter. It's not helpful that I am a bit of a woos unfortunately in medical situations.

And the heat wave! Oh my gawd, the heat...

I have also come face to face with the issue of accountability as of late. It's not appropriate to go into details but I will say this:

I think the human default when we error in life is sometimes to get defensive about our actions and get into our "story". This can waste all sorts of extra energy and cause further conflict. I know I have certainly done this.

But the reality is all we really need to do is step back, and acknowledge that we screwed up, and apologize.

It's really so simple when we can just take our ego out of it.

I have also heard this week about something called the "release technique" for when we are confronted with negative thoughts or situations. For instance, we might say to our self, "I didn't get enough sleep last night!" but then you respond to yourself with "It's not so bad."

Oh my god it's so hot out!

It's not so bad :-)

Thank you to Sandi for sending in the above silent clip in response to last week's post.

And have a good week my friends.