August 30, 2013

Switching to Love

Being in the middle of launching a food product is at times a consuming endeavor. Logistically, and emotionally. Sometimes I feel like a little cricket with either excitement or anxiety, depending on the day (or hour). It has really been a practice of being in the moment, and not worrying about all the what-ifs. Of just taking it one day at a time. Of putting one foot in front of the other, and living in a place of not knowing. Trusting the mystery. The process of it, of whatever it might be.

Of knowing that in any situation I will hopefully choose the best route or at least learn from my mistakes.

We can apply this to so many situations in life.

On another front, you know that feeling in your body when you are experiencing lack of ease? When you are worried or are being judgmental of those around you? Like when you just want to split and go read a book? I had this experience again recently of being in an uncomfortable situation. I decided in my head to just throw the love in my heart at it, without even saying anything-  instead of paying attention to all the mish-mash that was going on in my head and making me tense.

My dad use to say "just love people."

Dropping the ball worked like a dream. It was like I put down my emotional dukes and dropped the bone. Changed the channel- from one of judgment- to that of love.

It kind of felt like I had popped a pill. What were the pills stressed-out housewives use to take in the 50s? Just had to google it....oh yes: valium.

Switch to love.

It's kind of like taking a valium :-)