June 14, 2014

Maybe That's Not Love

Donna Lou Steven's video "Older Ladies" and Lines of Beauty are a match made in heaven.

Just 10 days on Youtube and it already has over 22k hits. It's very catchy and makes me wish I was in it, as not only are the lyrics great, but it looks like it was a lot of fun to make. I've already listened to it five times.

Oh man I love creativity. Keep it coming girl.

Also this week, from The Open Mind, some truths we so easily forget:

  • The average human life is relatively short. 
  • You will only live the life you create for yourself.
  • Some kind of failure always occurs before success.
  • You don't have to wait for an apology to forgive.
  • It's not other people's job to love you; it's yours. 

The last two I think are especially important. In all my years of observing people, those who hold grudges or can't find a way to love themselves are sailing on a sinking ship. The good news is that these wounds, usually from childhood, can be healed. But as my friend, therapist Cindy Brennan says, in her wonderful new book, Living , Loving & Unlearning,  you have to face the darkness, to see the light.


  1. I had so much fun watching this video, Lou! Yeah, wish I was in it, too...but it would seem, over the years, that we created our own fun, no matter our age...growing more beautiful from the inside out.

    My brother, Tim, posted "The Open Mind" this week also...love the list!! So right on and something we should all put on our refrigerator as a reminder of ways to create happiness within.

    Thank you for mentioning my book, dear one. I love that you are between the pages. Traveling this journey together....

    Love you you you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cindy Lou Who. More than halfway though your great book and plan to write more about it when I am done Loving it. Xo

    2. Happy to hear you are loving the love. xoxo

  2. The Older Ladies videos has hit 2.5 million hits on youtube and was featured on Anderson Cooper 360 this week: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2014/06/26/ridiculist-an-ode-to-older-ladies-and-saggy-breasts-that-droop-from-my-chest/