July 11, 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

I've had a razzly-dazzly crazy week preparing for a family wedding. The highlight being I cleaned out my studio for the first time in a few years. It had become a storage space/catch-all while trying to launch the failed attempt with our natural food product...

Man oh man can crap build up quickly, but now it's a creative space once again that's calling my name.

Recently my daughter said something like "What are you going to do now- be an artist again?"

 I said "Well...yeah....why?"

She responded, "Well, what else are you going to do?"

Well... I could become a dula... or a life coach...or hop on someone else's idea train.

I think however, that it's time to marinate for awhile in my studio. Perhaps next to running and swimming, I have my best thoughts there.

Anyhow- I saw the above video last week and now all I am paying attention to is how often people apologize to each other, especially in the grocery store. It's kind of like when you get a new/old car and you suddenly start noticing it everywhere you go. I conclude that sometimes saying "sorry" is very appropriate and sometimes we say it when what we really mean to say is "excuse me", or we say it when we're feeling bad about letting someone down (as in "not tonight dear") or when we feel like we're being a burden.

One thing's for sure- human nature sure gets more interesting to observe the older I grow. I think this is what I am noticing most of all.

Enjoy the full moon this weekend dear readers of mine,