July 26, 2014

Two Sisters

One of the guys in the above clip recorded a random conversation between his mother and aunt and then decided to create a funny lip-syncing video of it with his friend.

 As one person on Youtube commented:

"As funny as this is it just really reminds me that women go on and on about some stupid stuff. My biggest woman pet peeve is when someone is telling you a story and they focus on the random parts that don't even matter. "Well, I was at the grocery store on Thursday...no, wait...it was Wednesday because on Wednesday the dog got fixed. Ok so I was at the.....no it couldn't have been Wednesday because Kathy was with me...."

OMG, how many times have you caught yourself saying something like this? ( or not caught yourself...)

I know I have. Kind of scary.

While on vacation this week, I've been elbow deep in paint, as I repaint a few rooms that were sorely in need of it.

The rest of the time, I am not getting ANYTHING done...


Guess what?

We adopted two kittens, who are sisters!

So cute!

They were found abandoned in a kayak at the shore, with two other siblings. This story alone stole my heart.

Endlessly entertaining, as they never stop tumbling around and getting into trouble.

Such as falling into the toilet :-(

I think we've named them Olive and Cleo.

Thank you to my sista' for sending the video in :-)

Partners in crime.