February 28, 2015

In The Winter

Sander's Beach, Bahamas
I realize that my intention as I grow older is to have as much fun as I can. Many times this means being alone unfortunately. I guess this is good however for growing old as I like to putter around the house by myself especially. Perhaps my love of aloneness is partly supported by the fact that I can still choose at this point in my life when to be sociable...

On the plane back from the Bahamas I read an article about Julianne Moore. She is one actress whom I really respect and feel a kindred spirit towards. Not just as an actress, or in the way she is choosing to age in Hollywood, but as a person in general. She said that what is most important to her in life are "people and relationships and language and feelings."

BINGO! Me too. Perhaps this rings true with you as well.

She went on to say that, " What you need in life is love and work. My mother used to say this to me all the time. Those are two really important things. And I don't mean work has to to be paid or love has to be a romantic relationship, but if you have people to love and stuff that you want to do, you're usually in pretty good shape."

It's similar to what my Dad use to say-

That it's important to have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

Especially during such a long, FREAKING cold winter such as this one.


It's interesting how comfortable 15 degrees can grow to feel when it's been -15.

Stay warm chickies,

it's only 20 more days till spring :-)