March 07, 2015


Ain't it the truth.

Thank goodness for the beauty of wisdom as some things that we use to get our knickers twisted over have seemed to quietly faded into the background.

Kind of like finally shaking a nagging cold actually.

Is part of wisdom about getting more conscious about what swirls around us and addressing it in a different way?

I think it is.

I'm suppose to be doing our taxes right now but the blog is such a great way to procrastinate. This and going on Pinterest where I can be swept away into dreamland abyss like nothing else. Pinterest is such a visual, inspirational delight.

Kind of makes me feel like I am in love.

Along with chocolate I must say.

Mr. Fix-It is working tirelessly downstairs reconstructing the layout of our very, very old kitchen. It's almost done. Not a complete renovation, but just a little low-cost sprucing up to get us through a few more years of paying college tuition...

Last night I began replacing the shelf paper in the cabinets and you'd think I had died and gone to heaven.

How much I love repetitive tasks.

And the hint-of-spring sunshine that is gleaming through my windows today.

If you haven't seen this video of the dog singing, it's so adorable. I especially love how his master kisses him.
( you can X out of all the annoying stuff on the video).