March 17, 2015

Full Circle

My mama has been doing a little painting. It's something that she has dabbled in over the years and always delights me to see. Especially now that she has chronic macular degeneration and is in her 90's.

We begin life as such sensuous little beings, exploring all that is around us by touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. It's kind of wonderful actually that as life carries on, as we grow old and memories get foggy, that what we are left with, if we are lucky, are our senses, still.

Her 93rd birthday at Sofra.

Life really does come full circle.

In so many ways.

The other day, I can't remember what we were talking about, but my mom made reference to a quote that she has tucked away somewhere. She said, "it says something about the beauty of an older person's smile".

I said, "What??? You never told me about this!"

But she actually has I realized,

just by being who she is.


  1. Love this sweet......great photo of your Mama!

  2. Love your comment Liz'beth! She is sweet, like you. Thank you for your comment. xo

  3. I love this post, Lou! Your mama is, and always has been, such a beautiful genuine soul. I love her smile. And I love her art. A true gem.

    1. Thank you CWB. She will be happy to hear this, as I am too. xo