June 27, 2015

Something Wonderful Always Happens

Nebo Lodge, North Haven Island
After too many weekends away I am home, guarding my alone time- like a H A W K.

I'm finally getting to all the little things around the house that have been calling my name- like the pepper and cucumber plants that hadn't yet made their way into their summer home in the garden.

Uninterrupted time.

So B L I S S F U L, I can't even explain.

It doesn't take much to make me happy 
and I am so grateful for this.

This morning, as I was out for a run,  I ran past a very very old woman who, very very very slowly, was making her way down the sidewalk in the sun, without a cane. She smiled at me as I ran past. Her radiant eyes, silver hair and periwinkle sweater, breathing me in.

I ran for another block and thought, "I have to tell her how beautiful she is."

So I turned around and went back.

She replied, "Oh thank you, Oh oh thank you."
Nebo Lodge, North Haven Island

I touched her shoulder and went on my way but I so wanted to return and say:

"Can we have tea? Can you tell me about your life and how it is that you are so old, and so frail, but are still out for a walk taking the smallest baby steps I've ever seen?"

She reminded me of the 93-year-old woman on Instagram this week who explained as her photo was being taken, "If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens."

New life motto.

Perhaps she is what made me stop.