August 08, 2015

My Mama

It seems like it takes forever and a day sometimes to get to certain tasks. Especially technical ones for me. It's so much easier and more fun to just cut flowers from the garden :-) My longtime childhood friend, author, speaker and therapist Cynthia Weintraub Brennen visited a few months back and gratefully filmed a clip of my mom and me while she was here.

So here it finally is-  a conversation with my 93-year-old mama about health and life.


  1. Such a heartfelt video to watch. You both are blessed. Please tell your mother I think she's both lovely and graceful. Watching your video was a sweet way to start my day and fills my heart for so many reasons. Love, Paige

  2. I love hearing from you Paige and I'm of course happy that this was a sweet start to your day. I hope all is well with you. xo

  3. Thanks Marjie. I love your comment.xo