February 29, 2016

Lines of Beauty

I was riffling through my bedside table the other day and came across the above quote, by Seth Godin. I had scribbled it down on a small, jagged strip of paper and stuck in there god knows how long ago. It has already inspired me this morning to email someone about an issue that had gone astray. Kind of hard to do but I feel so much better now.

Also this week I found in the notes on my phone the Buddhist saying, "In life we cannot escape pain but we can learn to let it go." Another very good quote.

I like having a blog partly because it gives me a place to jot down all these random reminders to myself ( if and when I ever have the time to read back over them that is...)

Sometimes I worry that blogs will become extinct and then what will I do? Writing has become such a good, therapeutic tool in my life.

Chances are that someday this will happen, which is a sad thought for me. Any long time bloggers out there can perhaps relate.

I also like this blog because it always keeps me thinking and conscious about what is happening around me and inside of me. It reminds me to be grateful and it really does help me to be accepting of and celebrate the aging process.

The other day, after having 5 days in the sun,  I looked down at the tops of my hands and thought how much older they suddenly looked. I thought to myself, "Wow my hands are really getting old!"

But my next observation was how cool they looked and how neat the aging process is. When I remembered to see and appreciate- the organicness and the art form that aging truly is.

And of course, how lucky we all are to be able to grow old.

Once again, thanks for listening, dear readers of mine.


  1. I've had wrinkly hands and liver spots (why are they called that?!) on my hands since my 40s - and I'm now approaching my 62nd birthday, so they are really truly wrunkly! And I love them - I've always liked them so. I think it's a bit unusual to like older hands - but I'm glad you do too.

    1. Something from seaview its nice to hear from you, from your little corner of the world, in Northumberland. It looks lovely there and I like your blog. I can tell we have a lot in common! I love that you like your aging hands as well :-) Happy early birthday to you.

    2. Thank you! :)

  2. Great post Louise! And I hope we are able to blog forever. Have a great day. :)

    1. Thank you Angela :-) There isn't a direct link to your lovely blog from your name. I am so glad that you are still at it and that we can both always enjoy the beauty of writing. xo