February 23, 2016

The Common Thread That Runs Between Us

Mr. Fix-It and I got away to water and sun this past week and cut the engine on life, with a much needed break in Punta Cana.

Almost every morning we did some yoga out at the end of a dock under an open-air thatched roof. It's been years since I've done much yoga and I was grateful to tap into it again, especially with him.

The story of our 32-year-union is of course a long one. In the mix of it all, there have times when we've each yearned to share a deeper place with one another. I think this is very common in a long marriage, especially one with a quest for new discovery, emotional connectedness and growth.

So when life's tread mill stopped this past week and all that there was to do was be together, it allowed me to celebrate, more than ever, how well we can let the walls down and melt into one another.

On our journey home I remember thinking that if the plane went down, I would be at peace, because I have experienced a deep, deep love with this man.

Also this week, I'm grooving on this Goal of Yoga quote: