April 06, 2018


When life gets challenging, as it has been for me for about a year now,

I try to remember that this is just many hard moments, strung together, like a necklace, that I am passing through.

I try to find the new strength in myself.

I try to find the deep down lessons.

I try to see who I am now, that I wasn't before. 

And what I have discovered, that I never would have, if adversity hadn't come my way.

It sure brings gratitude to my doorstep, when I remember to look for it.

It brings an optimism for better days, that I have never had to reach for.

But it has also made things much more crystal clear for me, of what I want and don't want.

Perhaps this is one of the greatest silver linings about hard times, in the middle of our lives.

So here I sit thinking.

A fish outside of water.

1 comment:

  1. Reinventing oneself, though not by intended design, is almost never about subtle alchemy. You are who you are, yet to survive you must force yourself to become an amended version. You know what you need each day, yet that definition is barely recognizable any longer. To stay on course with what you have become accustomed to, is no longer an option. Yet the heart of the matter,remains the heart that matters within yourself, after subtracting, then recalculating your reinvented self. There are no lessons to be learned, other than that you are no longer that which you were, yet who you will eventually become. If anyone can perform such a miracle, it is certainly you..... MRA