December 26, 2020

And Then

Backyard beauty

Yesterday, I loaded my Christmas sleigh with treats and drove to Maine in the rain to meet my kids and their dad for a short Christmas day visit. Masked, we sat in an air-filled sunporch, had brunch and opened presents. A sweet, unusual celebration, that I will certainly remember forever, as I imagine you all will this year. 

Between brunch and dessert, I went for a walk in the rain with one of my daughters. Earlier in the week I had jotted down that one thing that I feel is going on during covid is that everyone is taking everything very seriously right now. Globally. Understandably. But when we can collaboratively just be in it and be with it, and not make it feel like a life and death situation, when everything isn't, it's so much easier and so much lighter to bare. 

For starters, I need to breath more and release the tension of the pandemic in my body. 

And usher in more gratitude.

And continue to step forward into trying new things that resonate for me. 

It's a very hard time historically but we are actually right where we are suppose to be.

As my good friend Cindy has said before, about times of transition, we need to continue to live, while adjusting.


After writing all the above down, I peered in on how the pandemic has been affecting me personally and one of things I noticed is that I hadn't cried in a very long time. In the coping of life during covid, I have become a bit  hardened. No longer as soft. Not as much like my true nature, especially the last several years. 

I've been holding tears in, perhaps in an attempt to hold life together.

But then, yesterday on the walk in the rain, the floodgate of tears blessedly began to open, and wash over me, and I've been ushering them in ever since.

And gosh does it feel good & soothing.

Tears really are our strength.

Sending them, and hope, and love out into the world today to you. 

Louise 💗