October 01, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Filmmaking

This week’s beauty is Laurie Schur who is the creator of the documentary The Beauty of Aging. Laurie is also a Clinical Social Worker, is happily married, and is a mother and grandmother. She is 65 years old.

Laurie has this to share about growing older:

“Over the years I have noticed - for myself and as a therapist, I have added a spiritual dimension to my life and work. I focus less on exploring the problem and more on the solution and a broader perspective on how to deal with what I now call challenges instead of problems.

My decision to create The Beauty of Aging was out of a desire to explore a differently creative aspect of myself than the creative skills used as a therapist. Because my mother died before her 64th birthday and she was an unhappy person, I was drawn to explore aging in my film and to find women who could show the way to a better and happier old age, despite their challenges. While I've been a seeker of truth, wisdom, healing and knowledge all my life, I think as I've aged I am better able to integrate what I learn and have a stronger intention to “do the practice”.

I strongly believe that one size does not fit all - that lessening the judgment of myself and others is an important part of the journey and I am more willing to do that now then when I was younger and was more fixed in judgment - at least I catch it now and work to release it.

I think that whatever makes someone happy and doesn't hurt others is okay - e.g. - some want gray hair - others color their hair - some feel good about wrinkles - others feel the need to "fix" them. While it would be great if we could all feel great about ourselves, both internally and externally, I don't think I can judge how people deal with such issues - especially given the influence of families and culture on such things. And - I work to release the hold of the external pressures and to remember that beauty really is - for me - not what someone looks like (though, of course, we are all attracted to different standards of beauty) - but that energy, spirit, vitality, attitude, interest in life etc. are the true things that create beauty - like the women in my film The Beauty of Aging exude.”


  1. Beautifully said, Laurie. The "Spirit" has also grabbed me more and more over time, in both my personal life and my work. From one therapist/social worker to another, wishing you many rainbows and blessings.

    And to you too, Lou. Lovely post:)

  2. This is a wonderful post Louise,

    Laurie is a beauty!
    I loved all she wrote about!
    I especially enjoyed her outlook on beauty.

    When I am with my clients, friends and family, I SEE their real beauty beyond their physical appearance.
    Their spirit shines in ways in which they carry themselves, speak, write, or just by simply being in their presence.
    This real beauty for me.

    Louise, you are a real beauty inside and out!

    Thank you for this post.