May 29, 2013

At My Doorstep

Life really does go by faster the older we grow.

My mom use to say this but I didn't quite understand it until more recently. It kind of freaks me out now how fast the months come and go.

For instance, my dad died twelves years ago this past week.

Twelve years, just like that, come and gone, so easily.

I will feel very lucky if I get to live 3 more sets of twelve years, which will put me at age 88.

52 + 12 +12 +12 = 88...

Oh my.

Here is what I know of death- the pain of losing my Dad certainly lightened over time but I never stop missing him.

He was such a kind and loving soul. Full of goodness, through and through.

In celebration of him I took his ladylove on a short field trip to the Concord River on Friday, where we launched 6 paper boats in his honor. One for each of his five children, and her.

She was delighted.

As was I, to have had the moment.

To stop long enough in the whirlwind of life and not only remember the day, but to pause long enough to acknowledge him, and the hole his absence has left.

And to give my mom an extra squeeze.

To set a boat or two afloat.

But not adrift.

For the man who loved to sail.


  1. Lovely tribute. My dad also died quite a few years ago. I miss him, but I see his creativity, curiosity and spirit in my children and that makes me smile.

  2. Beautiful, Louise. love you & miss you. xo

  3. Thank you Two Wordy, Ronnie, and Terry Lee. Xo

  4. So beautiful, my dear. Every time I see a butterfly I think of Fitch and his sweet smile. So lovely you floated boats in honor of him with his love. You are a special girl. Love you ~ xoxoxo

  5. oh louise, this made me cry.. beautiful..


    1. Thank you Cyn and V.

      As I always say V it's good when we are touched to tears

      and really feel life amidst this chaotic world we live in.

    2. i put a link to this post at my blog,
      hope you don't mind...if you do let me know!

  6. dear louise, i am here at v's invitation. how i love this, the honoring of your dad (so sweet!) and
    the topic of aging gracefully. i love those two words - aging gracefully. so lovely. very glad to be here.

    1. Lori Ann, Thank you. I am happy that you found Lines of Beauty and welcome!

  7. Oh Louise, this is so touching. I love the photo of you dad by the water and the boats sailing away. It is so important to slow down and honor our memories. I think about my dad, too and can't believe how the time has flown. When you think about it in spans - of 12 years - in your case - time will continue to fly.

  8. Thank you Jane! Hope all is well with you.