December 07, 2013

Bridging Divides

I've been swept into the world of crafting this week. For me it's the best part of the holidays.

But I want to stop and give tribute to the incredible and beautiful Nelson Mandela.

 Pray for more world leaders like him.

... The man who inspired millions to bridge divides and seek peaceful change... but remained on the US terrorism watch list until 2008...
Beautiful Mandela at age 92


Sometimes I really want to run away. To where, I am not sure.

On a lighter note:

I've been staying warm as I craft with this curried lentil soup that is a cinch to make if any of you out there are curry lovers like I am.

I have also been making some super cute knitted crowns, which are also easy to make. Having become a great- auntie, I'm delighted to have new wee ones to knit for.  The directions are from Etsy for $4 but I'm pretty sure there are others on the web for free. I just like this pattern in particular.

Still have to put 2 more bobbles on this one....

And last but not least I found this very cool scarf that you knit ON YOUR ARM in 30 minutes. Haven't tried it yet but I just wanted to show you. There is a free how-to here.

Hope you are finding pleasure doing whatever you are doing this week.