December 22, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods

Cornelia Street, Greenwich Village
I've been missing the blog but have been too bowled over with life to sit down and write. Last weekend I went to a family baby shower in nyc. I love the energy and sensory overload in ny, and can never quite get enough, even in a storm. I can't imagine living there however, as I'm too much of a nature girl.

Upon returning my business partner and I finally met with a manufacturer for our natural food product that I think we like. It's a huge accomplishment after being on the hunt. I will keep you posted!

And then it was straight away into the holidaze scramble which I both love and hate. I love making things, but I hate the pressure of working under a deadline.

One thing that I have been dying to post is a video that my daughter made for her final english project about women and aging in the media. It is so good but her teacher warned her that she could get sued for using images taken off the web so she is of course hesitant. The video is about loving the skin that you are in.

Warmed my heart as you can imagine. Turned me upside down with glee.

One more thing before I push off and head back to cookie making and wrapping presents, which is my 2nd favorite thing about Christmas :-) In case you need a great last minute quickie homemade gift- the planter to the right is one of those amaryllis bulb kits that you can buy at the grocery store for under $10. Comes with the pot, dirt, and bulb. Just throw an old 100% wool sweater into the washing machine on hot and then dry it in the dryer on high (you might have to do it twice). Then cut a piece of the felted wool to fit the planter and sew up the seam. Viola! Can be enjoyed many winter seasons to come.

A very Merry Christmas to those of you who are celebrating.